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3 Easy Ways to Make your Meals Like A Pro

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What is Meal Prepping?

Meal prep is simply any preparation of your food that you can do ahead of time. It can be three days of lunches, pre-cutting your fruits and vegetables or even a full week’s worth of meals. Anything that will save you some time.

Meal Prep Guide for Beginners

1. Start small

If you’re new to meal prepping, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. That’s why it’s best to start small. Start by choosing ONE meal a week to prep. If your mornings are chaotic, having a smoothie pack already prepped to hit the blender will be a lifesaver. If you work late and get home too exhausted to cook, make dinner your meal prep priority. Shoot for the times of days you are busiest and begin there. Eventually, you’ll be able to plan all of your meals for the week.

2. Plan it all out and create a calendar

Think about this: what does your upcoming week look like? Prep for what you’ll need for that week (or how many days you decide. It could be just 2 days, 3 days, etc)

Choose the one day a week you will do your shopping and prepping. Most people choose Sundays for their meal prep. Find the day that works for you.

To create a calendar, simply look at your schedule for the week and think about what meals would fit best. Write down the days of the week and the meal you’ll make for each day. Create your shopping list of any ingredients you will need. Keep certain items stocked in your fridge and pantry: frozen fruits, oatmeal, your grains of choice, etc.
3 Easy Ways to Make your Meals Like A Pro

3. Prep + Cook

Now it’s time for the actual prepping and cooking. Depending on the calendar you’ve laid out, these tasks may vary from week to week.

These tasks may include:
  • Peeling, washing, slicing all fruits and vegetables
  • Steaming, sautéing, etc your greens
  • Bulk cooking and cooling your grains
  • Roasting, grilling, frying, etc your protein
  • Putting fresh fruit & veggies in individual bags to freeze overnight for a breakfast smoothie in the AM
  • Sectioning off snacks for work into ziplock bags FOR THE WEEK
Those are just a few very basic meal prep guidelines to get you started. Everyone’s lives and schedules are very different, so start slow and go from there.

Must-have Meal Prep Essentials

I also wanted to share with you a few tools that are super helpful when it comes to having a successful meal prep! They will make the entire process a whole lot easier.

Meal Prep Containers

Meal Prep Lunch Bag

Sandwich Bag Holders

Food Scale

When it comes to meal prep, portion size is incredibly important. Using a food scale helps you to recognize correct serving sizes, thus helping you to reach your health and fitness goals.

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