8 Reasons Your Muscles Aren’t Growing

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Unfortunately, even the most precise workout routine and dieting may lead to dissatisfaction. For muscle growth, you must eliminate all of the possible mistakes in your workout routine. The difference between success and unsuccess is so small, that if you do only one of the 9 mistakes we’ll tell you, can significantly limit your growth. Look into your routine so you can find out which of the following mistakes you’re doing or you should do so you would be able to reach your maximum muscle growth.

You’re using the same weights week after week

When is the last time you’ve felt that real strength improvement? We often tend to get into some kind of a comfort zone in the gym with using the same weight for months, instead, we need to challenge our body and muscle every week with a little bit more weight. Getting stronger doesn’t mean bigger muscles, but for sure it got some kind of connection. If you don’t increase the weight, or if you don’t do countless repetitions with perfect form don’t expect your muscles to grow!
Correction: You keep doing your exercises with the same weights, same sets, the same number of repetitions even when there is no improvement. That isn’t an optimal way of exercising. Instead of that you’ll have to include periodization in your routine: For the training of your strength ( 1-6 repetitions per set while trying to increase your maximum lifts ), for training in bodybuilder’s style ( mix compound movements with isolation exercises, 8-12 repetitions per set, medium to heavy-weight ) and training for strength endurance ( 12-20 repetitions per set, with easy weights – but it still has to be a challenge ). For an example, one month you can work for your endurance, the next month you can train like a bodybuilder, and the third month lower the rep count and increase the weight you’re lifting.

You’re using weights that you can’t lift properly

It is important to get stronger, but too heavy-weight can actually stop your muscle growth and can even cause an injury. A lot of bodybuilders perform exercises with weights which make it impossible for them to do the repetitions properly. Of course you have seen the guys in the gym which simply load the barbell with too much weight, and they go on and do biceps curls in standing position. And by doing that, they’re exercising everything except the biceps. The flawless technique of performing the exercise can be crucial for muscle growth.

Not allowing your muscles to fully recover

Get a good rest between your workouts. Many bodybuilders are getting minimal rest and they’re giving their maximum for the exercising. Muscles are actually growing in-between workouts, not in the duration of the workout. If you are going to the gym too often, it would be best to stop going so regularly, at least for some period of time.

Correction: For a change try working out three times a week and take a rest in the other days from the week. You can separate your workout routine in three parts: 1- Abs and legs, 2- Back and biceps, 3- Chest, shoulders, and triceps. Workout each muscle part once a week. Or you can separate the whole workout routine in two parts: 1- Thighs, back and biceps, 2- abs, back, chest, delts and triceps, and you can alternate the first and the second workout three times a week. Or you can choose one option to do for the whole month, and for the next month, you can do the other one. Find out which routine is the best for you. Bigger muscle mass requires more rest. Working out too much means less rest.

Avoiding heavy exercises

” I can’t do squats, can’t we just do leg press?” Most of the people have said or thought of this excuse. That is also the reason why these people are relatively small in muscle mass. Big, compound exercises with free-weights are causing big muscle mass. Main exercises for building-up mass are squats, a shoulder press, pull-ups, rows. These are the exercises you have to do if you want big muscles.

Neglecting your health

Without being healthy, you can’t train properly. Without proper training, your muscles won’t improve. And without being healthy your body can’t recover optimally. Good health is the pillar of bodybuilding. Don’t lose your health, just so you’ll be able to understand this.

Constantly doing the same workout routine, even though it doesn’t show positive results for you

A lot of people find some workout routine online or in some book, and they keep on doing only that routine. You do not want to use that as an excuse just so you can avoid doing heavy exercises, but also everything that causes serious pain or it doesn’t bring Gains isn’t good.

Limiting yourself

Limiting yourself is the surest way in being unsuccessful. Don’t expect the impossible, but believe that you can complete everything you can imagine. Arnold imagined that his arms were growing like mountains while he was working out. Of course, he didn’t expect his arms to really grow like mountains, but he was ready and for that possibility. Make your goals big and be happy with your results.

Treat your meals as an obligation, not as something nice to fit in your regime

Nutrition is maybe last on this list, but it should be first in your bodybuilding plan. Many bodybuilders have failed just because they haven’t paid enough attention to what they’re eating. Muscles are not growing from oxygen. In order for your muscles to grow, you’ll have to increase your daily calorie intake. Calories must be with high quality so your organism can get it’s needed materials so the muscles can grow.

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