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Does masturbation affect bodybuilding or muscle growth?

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Some of the readers might read this article by going in incognito mode. Coming to our topic, in this article we are going to explain the million dollar question –  masturbation is it good for health or not.

What's the definition of masturbation?

In simple terms is the act of self-pleasure in a sexual way. Masturbation doesn't need to end up in an orgasm. There is a difference between masturbation and ejaculation. While masturbation is more sexual stimulation, ejaculation is orgasm along with genital secretions.

Does it affect muscles growth ?

Actually there are no known solid evidences to believe that masturbation helps or destroys muscle growth. Maybe the hand use for masturbation might experience a bit changed muscle profile. Other than that there are no known evidences stating masturbation will relate to muscle growth.
Ejaculation take a tremendous amount of energy. If you’re having sex every day and ejaculating, your body is spending a lot of energy of balancing sperm levels, the power saved from sex could be used for building muscle instead of orgasm.
Just imagine of the body as an energy grid; every function requires power. The body only has so much energy and resources to use. The nutrients you lose to constantly redrawing from the spank bank are leaked into remaking of sperm and not muscle building. Zinc is huge and should be a big part of your diet in quality form.
Yes, you can build a good amount of muscle having sex every day, but you'll be leaving gains on the table if you’re consistently spanking your monkey 😛😛
The best days to box your trouser mouse would be off days. After a strength training session, the most muscle is repaired in the first 24 hours. During this time we would want to maximize energy savings. On the contrary, having sex with a partner or oneself but NOT ejaculating would drastically higher free testosterone levels, as this act gets the sperm flowing and ready for blast off. Then you don’t blast off, muscle recovery then benefits from the free sperm via the heightened sexual stimulation.


Not equal


As masturbation leads to ejaculation the TESTOSTERONE Levels in body gets lower and DHT increase that's why you feel tired and sometimes sleepy after masturbation. Testostetone is most important hormone for muscle growth(“Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair.” Wiki says so).
I’m not saying you should completely quite masturbation.What I meant that you should not masturbare every other day. Have some goals be self motivated hit the gym, Be that Sexy Weightlifting Legend…💪💪💪
Daily masturbation is gonna kill your gains.😵

Common myths about masturbation:

Masturbation leads to pimples

– Completely false. If the above fact is true, more than half of the world population will be covered with pimples.
Masturbation leads to weight loss

– Exactly. Masturbation might often lead to orgasms and the discharge will lead to loss of calcium and other proteins. Excessive masturbation will definitely lead to weight loss.

Masturbation leads to infertility

– Yes, if masturbation goes out of control. Scientific evidences reveal that excessive ejaculations bring down the sperm count which is equivalent to infertility.


Whether the question is masturbation is good for health or if masturbation is bad, the final conclusion is as long as masturbation is under control. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Though masturbation is good in some ways, too much sexual thoughts will lead to damaged personality and depression. Keeping masturbation at limits is surely recommended and it is up to every person to find what is their limit to masturbate in a week or a day.

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