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Fat to fit, couple real life story Fitness Goal

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couple workout fitness motivation
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The rise of childhood obesity has placed the health of an entire generation at risk and as per the new reports from America, the rate of obesity in seven states of America has reached up to 35 percent. While the alertness among the citizens has increased enormously in America, Indians are also trying to reach their level.

Fattiness is a problem that nearly every nation in the world is facing, but there is much that we can do to fix and sort it out. Experts also say that a person can crave to be more fit and athletic, but when it comes to doing and perceiving it actually many people lack behind.

The journey from fat to fit isn’t a piece of cake, it requires a lot of tough work and dedication. But let me tell you one human nature which we all are aware of, we can make commitments that from tomorrow onwards like an early bird, waking up early, hitting gym or exercise and stick to the diet and nutritional food, but when it comes to action we all step back…
Workout fitness motivation
source: https://laughingcolours.com

But today we brought you a couple from India who is blazing everywhere and giving major transformation goals with their fitness regime. A Marwari couple from Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India showed a huge transformation and helped each other to get a better physique. The 40 years old Aditya Sharma weighed 72 kgs while his wife, Gayatri Sharma weighed 62 kgs, before their transformation and after regular fitness routine, Aditya lost 20kgs while Gayatari lost 11 kgs. Their mutual support and motivation kept them stable with their commitment.

motivation fitness workout plan
source: https://laughingcolours.com

Husband Aditya, the Nutrition Consultant & Fitness Trainer himself went to achieve a good health while wife Gayatri on the hand was a housewife and a mother of two who was reportedly suffering from sugar, with 32% body fat, she finally changed her eating habits and followed the proper routine.

Are you a physique concern, if yes then do follow your regular health routine till then stay tuned.

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